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    Home Hospitalization

    Home hospitalization as an alternative to staying in the hospital, is one of the signature changes in the world of medicine.

    In Israel, as in the Western world, the burden of hospitalization is growing. Overcrowding and the pressure medical staff is under, combined with the constant bustle of the emergency room and hospital wards, leads in many cases to feelings of loneliness and alienation among those hospitalized, mainly the elderly. The atmosphere and these conditions can affect patients’ recovery, exhaust their emotional strength and the resources required for their return to health. As a result, both family members and primary caregivers feel the burden and the difficulties beyond the medical treatment of the patient.

    Sharan’s Home Hospitalization provides many patients with optimal conditions for healing, rehabilitation, supervision and receipt of continuous medical care.

    Sharan’s Home Hospitalization provides patients with the comprehensive treatment package they require in a comfortable, familiar environment, preventing prolonged hospitalization.

    Sharan’s Home Hospitalization  ensures that patients receive personal medical care tailored to their precise needs, and significantly reduces the risks involved in hospitalization such as exposure to hospital acquired infections.

    Patients and family members gain the emotional and health benefits from staying at home, in their familiar environment. This leads to improved and increased recovery rates.

    Sharan’s Home Hospitalization includes accompaniment and professional medical care managed by a team of a physician, a nurse, as well as medical professionals and additional services, according to need. Sharan’s professional teams visit patients at their homes on a daily basis and provide telephone response to medical queries 24/7.


    Upon Release from Hospital, Home Treatment Begins

    Identifying patients suited to Home Hospitalization services is performed by professional HMO representatives (family physicians, palliative unit staff and others) following their assessment of the compatibility and eligibility of the patient for palliative care.

    Patients compatibility and eligibility is based on routine clinical criteria, and of course – on patients’ desire and willingness to receive palliative care.

    Upon returning home, within a short time, an initial visit of Sharan’s medical team will be coordinated to customize a tailormade plan as part of their inclusion in Sharan’s Home Hospitalization program.

    During the visit, the patient will be examined, objectives will be determined, medical needs will be identified, and a treatment plan will be set in place.


    Service Fees

    Sharan Home Hospitalization service is provided free of charge for members of HMOs (subject to terms and conditions). Other patients may join this service privately.  


    Does Hospitalization at Home Suit Me? Yes, if you have…

    • Undergone various medical procedures and operations.
    • Undergone treatment in cases of deteriorating chronic illness. For example, in the event of infection or dehydration with a background of existing illness.

    If you suffer from the following chronic conditions:

    • Heart failure
    • Lung failure
    • Liver failure
    • Chronic kidney failure
    • Stroke
    • Complex diabetes
    • Dementia and Alzheimer’s
    • Continuous Home Hospitalization as preventive treatment for recurring hospitalizations. For example, in certain cases of chronic illnesses, recurring hospitalizations can be prevented by follow-up, supervision and managing patients’ medical conditions. The treatment plan, its duration and frequency are determined in coordination with patients’ medical conditions and varying needs.


    Why Hospitalization  at Home?

    Sometimes there is no choice and we are forced to visit the ER or be admitted to hospital. However, this also requires discretion and performing risk assessment to reach an informed decision. Therefore, it is worthwhile understanding and acknowledging the risks involved in hospitalization. For example:

    • The time spent in the ER or in hospital wards exposes the patient to hospital acquired infections, posing a danger and an impediment to recovery.
    • In the hospital, without the close supervision of family members, the patient is more open to risks of falling, poor nutrition and sleep deprivation.
    • From the emotional aspect, the busy hospital environment is an unfamiliar environment. This can lead to increasing emotional distress, confusion, feelings of sadness, loneliness and reduced independence (deconditioning).


    In view of these risks, during hospitalization, it is worth examining the patient’s suitability to Hospitalization at Home care – Homepital. Hospitalization at Home is the most recommended option, particularly for the elderly, who need and desire to remain in a familiar and secure home environment. Therefore, subject to determination by the professional team of the suitability of the patient for  Home Hospitalization care, this important option is vastly available.


    Homepital, accompanied by Sharan’s professional medical staff, significantly reduces health risks, enables patients a feeling of control to manage their illness and allows them to enjoy a familiar routine with their family.


    • Staying in a familiar home environment surrounded by family has a positive influence on recovery, mainly among elderly patients.
    • Continuous treatment can be effectively managed in a familiar environment.
    • Involvement of familiar community medicine facilities – the connection with the family physician, who knows the patient’s medical history, is preserved.
    • For the family – Home Hospitalization – Homepital is the key to peace of mind. When patients are in optimal environments, they are calm, comfortable and their recovery improves. These facts put the primary caregivers at ease when coping with the illness on a daily basis in addition to the demands of treatment, whilst still maintaining the majority of their routine.


    Additionally, patients receiving home care are less in need for family members taking time off work and save on other expenses such as hospital visits, parking fees, transport fees, etc.


    Homepital: All Your Medical Requirements in the Comfort of Your Own Home


    Professionalism and Reliability

    When you join Sharan’s Hospital at Home service, you are placing your health in the hands of a professional, experienced, caring and attentive medical team.

    You are under close and continuous supervision of a physician and a nurse who know you and your medical history, and who visit you daily (and more frequently if required) throughout the duration of your Homepital hospitalization.



    Sharan’s medical team has many resources at its disposal, including medications, equipment, preparations, and devices that enable us to provide a wide range of treatments:

    • Medications – we will supply the medication for the initial treatment and arrange continuing treatment via prescriptions.
    • Administration of fluids IV/SC
    • Administration of IV antibiotics via a central catheter
    • Insertion/changing of a catheter
    • Injections
    • Changing dressings, treating wounds, removal of sutures.
    • Catheter wash-outs
    • Additional complex treatments



    As part of our ethos and the vision of personal medicine, every single person on Sharan’s medical team is prepared and attentive to any change in your medical condition. Intellectual flexibility is one of our leading values. This approach enables us to revise patients’ medical protocols as required, for example, additional visits of the medical team or instructing on a different method of treatment.



    When we say medicine brought to your home, we really mean it! As part of the complete, individual service we provide, we believe that the treatment has to be accessible and available to patients and their family members at all times.


    Sharan’s Call Center operates 24/7, call us on 1-700-508-565 


    With our experience, the numbers speak for themselves

    Sharan has extensive and proven medical experience in treating the elderly population (aged 65+).

    A proven success rate of a 70% reduction in the number of hospitalizations.


    How much does Homepital cost?

    Hospital at Home is in the process of being included in the service basket, fully funded by all the HMOs.

    For others, this service is available privately.


    The cost of Hospital at Home includes many and varied components. The treatment plan is determined by an assessment of an expert physician. The inclusive cost of the service is determined in accordance with several factors which include the patient’s needs, the treatment objectives, the number of professional staff taking part in the treatment, accompanying the patient and the home visits as determined by the physician.

    During the past year, my mother was hospitalized repeatedly. We are finding the situation difficult to cope with. Is Homepital the answer for us?

    When a patient receives professional medical support at home, recurring hospitalizations may be reduced. Follow-up and continuous treatment allow us to constantly monitor the situation, enabling us to provide early intervention and stabilize the patient’s condition and provide response for urgent problems during a crisis.

    Sharan’s medical team – doctors and nurses with extensive experience in home care – will be able to accompany you and your mother and help you cope with varied medical situations that may arise while she is at home.

    Is Homepital suitable for all patients?

    Before deciding on Homepital, the patient undergoes a comprehensive assessment and a through medical examination. Upon receipt of the diagnosis, and the patient’s condition is defined as stable, Homepital can be implemented.

    What do we have to do in preparation for our elderly grandfather’s arrival to the Homepital?

    Regarding all medical matters, rest assured, the patient is in the most professional, experienced and caring hands. Our team will address all requirements of medical care, follow-up and maintaining the patient’s wellbeing. Regular house visitations will occur as required. At times, when you are alone with the patient and a problem may occur, a question may arise or you are in need of a quick solution – our team will be available via telephone, 24/7, offering responses to your grandfather’s nursing needs. For example, nutrition related issues, dressing and personal hygiene, administering and acquiring medications, etc.

    My father is being released after a lengthy hospitalization. Both us and him are concerned regarding what happens next. What should we expect?

    You must have been anticipating this moment, and it is an occasion to celebrate. Nevertheless, you are facing a new and unfamiliar routine. Therefore, it is natural to be apprehensive. Sharan’s experienced medical team understands your concerns and is prepared to support you in all aspects of your new circumstances. As part of the commitment to personal and supportive care, we are ready to facilitate your return home, with comfort and support.

    Sharan’s trained team will accompany you step by step while providing comprehensive response to medical needs, listening to questions and to your concerns. In order to ensure you will receive the best medical response at any time of the day, we will guide you and your family, helping you cope with your new situation, with advice on how to assist the patient as much as possible and make it easier for him/her.

    I am interested in joining Sharan’s Homepital arrangement. What is the procedure?

    Our medical team is here for you. Upon receiving your request, we will listen to you and ask you everything we need to know in order to get to know you, your medical history, and the circumstances of the hospitalization. After completing the initial stage, we will coordinate an evaluation appointment with an expert physician on your behalf. The physician will come to you, examine you and compile a treatment plan suited to you and your needs.


    Yves Bitton MD

    Founder & CMO

    Shimon Ben Shabat

    Nuresing Manager

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