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    About Us

    Do you need a doctor or medical treatment at home? Are you thinking of palliative care or home hospitalization?

    Sharan Medical Care at Home was established in 2004 by Dr. Yves Bitton and Ayelet Bitton. The company’s vision is to provide professional medical care and treatment in the home environment. After 14 years of experience, Sharan has gained recognition as a leader in advanced medical services in Israel, providing patients and their families with professional and accessible medical solutions at home.

    If you are in need of homecare medicine, a doctor, nurse, medical treatments and laboratory tests, home hospitalization or a professional escort for oncological patients – Sharan is definitely your optimal choice.

    Sharan Medical Care at Home is proud of the service it has provided over the years to thousands of satisfied patients, nationwide. Due to and thanks to our patients, we have established a reputation and extensive experience of over 900,000 home visits and about 50,000 days of at-home hospital care. Since the launch of the service to-date, patients and their families experience first-class professional medical care, courteous service and humane support during difficult times and critical moments.

    Sharan –Your Dependable Support   

    Sharan Medical Care at Home (or home hospitalization) established by Dr. Yves Bitton, and managed by his family, was founded based on the vision of changing the customary therapeutic practice in Israel, according to which, specific medical treatment mandates hospitalization.

    According to Sharan’s approach, home hospitalization should be the standard of care, since the best option for patients and their families is the familiar home environment. In order to realize this vision, a comprehensive therapeutic solution package should be created, which includes full responsibility of a 24/7 palliative medical team, available at all times, and not limited by clinic hours. This is where Sharan’s service excels.

    Sharan’s innovative patient-centered approach perceives patients as the focus of clinical care, and home care as the best way to address terminal diseases and complex medical conditions.

    The company’s vision is based on family values, which are at the core of our operations:

    • Commitment – treating patients with respect, while remaining committed to the highest professional standards.
    • Integrity and reliability – transparency and honesty demonstrated towards patients and family members at all times.
    • Kindness – the desire to support, assist and help as much as possible.
    • Caring – sensitivity and thoughtfulness towards patients and their family members.
    • Empathy – directing our full attention towards our clients –patients and their families – with compassion, understanding and awareness of the processes patients experience during challenging times.

    These values guide us while we support patients and their families hand-in-hand, every step of the way.

    Our professional team is comprised of highly-skilled and expert professionals, including – physicians, nurses, dietitians, social workers, etc. – acting as one, all focused on the best interests and welfare of each and every patient.

    Sharan’s unique character is based on synergy between technology and people. Our outstanding team of devoted and professional caregivers, combined with the implementation of advanced technological resources, ensure that our patients receive all the support they need. This synergy results in professional medical home care, through a multi-disciplinary clinical array, online consulting and 24/7 designated call centers.

    Each time we meet a new patient and begin a medical support program, we become deeply familiar with the patients and their family members, thus providing a uniquely formulated therapeutic plan centered around the patients and their individual needs.

    Each of the professional team members who support our patients, perceives themselves, first and foremost, as someone entrusted to listen, support and assist, with their professional expertise complementary to these primary principles. As part of making the professional medical services accessible to the patient, we structure a comprehensive and complete care package, taking into consideration the patients and their unique individual needs.

    Sharan – Technology at home

    Telemedicine is a groundbreaking service, that draws on the same vision that guides Sharan, which views the patients’ homes as the optimal place for them.

    Telemedicine is one of the most advanced services in the field of online medical consultation. Sharan developed and began operating this groundbreaking service which created a revolution in Clalit Health Service’s marketing image – “Online pediatricians accompanied by specialists from Schneider “. The service provides a first-class response for treating children at times when clinics are closed, reducing referrals to the ER and prevention of unnecessary hospitalizations.

    Today the Telemedicine service helps Sharan make life easier for patients and their families. It enables them to access an array of professional teams in a range of medical services that can be provided at home.

    True to its approach to excel and lead, Sharan Medical Care at Home is one of the most prominent in provision of Telemedicine services in Israel.

    Supportive Palliative Care – Sharan’s Approach

    Thanks to extensive experience in developing unique services, our broad medical knowledge and the meticulous selection of medical teams, Sharan Medical Care at Home provides best-of-its-class supportive palliative care and leads the field in Israel.

    At the center of supportive palliative care is the patient and their family. The palliative approach is focused on achieving and maintaining the best quality of life possible for those coping with chronic and serious illness, as well as their family members. Palliative care focusses on prevention and alleviation of suffering by means of detecting and managing pain levels and additional physical, psychosocial and spiritual support.

    As a family-oriented company, we believe in the values of humanity, compassion, affinity, support and generosity. These core values direct us to provide the highest quality of humane services and care.

    Services Provided by Sharan

    In every aspect related to homecare medicine – Sharan provides the best. Among the services we provide our patients within the comfort of their own homes:

    • Hospice at Home
    • Hospital at Home (Homepital)
    • Laboratory Tests – at home
    • Doctor and Nursing Care
    • Treatment of Chronic Wounds
    • Rehabilitation
    • Services for Businesses

    Sharan Palliative Care and Hospice at Home (Homepital)

     Palliative Care – Quality of Life for Patients

    Palliative care is a discipline in medicine that is focused in improving the quality of life of those suffering from serious, chronic, and terminal diseases, in the stage of the disease where all that is required is balancing of symptoms and maintaining an optimal quality of life.

    Such treatment may sometimes extend into long periods of time. Therefore, it is called “palliative care” or “hospice at home”.

    The main objective of palliative care is to provide patients with professional medical care in the comfort of their own home, while making the challenges of dealing with pain and other physical and emotional symptoms easier for both the patient and its caregivers (including immediate family members) on a daily basis. This approach enables to conduct a close to normal life, as much as possible.

    Supportive Care – There’s NO Place Like HOME

    Elderly patients, patients with serious illnesses and patients in terminal condition should not spend their last days in prolonged hospitalization. Hospitals are not adapted to provide long-term therapeutic – physical and emotional – solutions for these patients.

    An appropriate medical response for chronic patients and those suffering from serious diseases that require palliative care should preferably be provided to patients in the comfort of their own home. This approach makes the patients feel a sense of security, in a familiar environment with the support of their family around them, and also helps them avoid hospital acquired infections.

    Supportive home care also ensures that patients receive the respect they deserve alongside conditions that can assist them and their families, in dealing with terminal illnesses.

    Palliative care is designed for precisely this purpose, addressing patients’ medical needs, under optimal conditions, at their homes, surrounded by their families, in a caring and loving environment, while living an independent and as normal a life as their condition permits.

    Patients Receiving Supportive Care at Home Enjoy a Better Quality of Life Because:

    • The very presence in their domestic environment, among family members, strengthens patients’ mental abilities to cope with complex challenges posed by their conditions. Family members or primary caregivers are available to provide them ‘round the clock support.
    • Patients gain autonomy and can manage their day according to their own comforts, habits and needs, and do not have to adapt to a dictated routine.
    • Patients are more at ease in their familiar home environment. They continue to enjoy food to which they are accustomed and prefer, which contributes to their nutritional needs.
    • When patients are hospitalized, they must adapt to the physician’s domain, whereas in home hospitalization (homepital), physicians enter the patients’ domain. This role reversal offers patients a sense of control over their medical condition and daily life, contributing to the improvement of their emotional state and ability to deal with their condition.
    • Doctors who provide individual treatment to patients in their homes, without distractions, are more attentive and focus directly and solely on the patients’ and their families’ needs, in their natural environment.
    • Palliative medical staff are available 24/7. Staff quickly arrive as needed and provide patients with attentive, efficient, and private personal care in the patients’ familiar surroundings.
    • Medical staff are able to deduce from the patient’s natural environment, additional information that is usually unobtainable. This provides staff with the opportunity to understand patient’s sources of strength and inspiration, as well as get to know the family that surrounds the patient on a regular basis. Palliative care teams, entrusted with providing personal, respectful, and empathetic care, use this information to individually adjust the most effective means of care for each patient, whilst considering the patient’s cultural, mental and environmental background.

    Our Team

    Yves Bitton MD

    Founder & CMO

    Ayelet Bitton

    Founder & Deputy CEO

    Itamar Bitton


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